Mint Julep Cups in Pewter and Sterling Silver

Sterling silver mint julep cups are iconic in the American South as the traditional drinkware for serving the ever-popular mint julep. Originating in the 1700’s, this refreshing, bourbon-based cocktail was once reserved as an indulgence for the elite, as few had access to ice and proper drinkware. The mint julep continues to be popular through the modern day, being especially well-known as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.

Mint Julep Cups Variety

Mint juleps are traditionally served in fine pewter or sterling silver mint julep cups. Due to the drink’s extreme popularity and its rise as a symbol of the South, mint julep cups have become an elegant gift for commemorating special occasions, events, and accomplishments.

Just as alcohol and fine spirits have exotic and highly-nuanced flavors, the vessels that hold them need to match their extravagance and accentuate their subtleties. Hand-crafted sterling silver mint julep cups fill this role naturally by using the perfect medium to display expert workmanship.

Although unadorned mint julep cups are certainly beautiful, they may not have enough character for a truly exquisite gift. With the options of sterling medallions, diamond engraving, and delicately patterned edges, a beautiful piece can become a bold statement. Continue reading Mint Julep Cups in Pewter and Sterling Silver