Custom Pewter and Sterling Silver Trophies, Cups, and Awards

Prestigious competitions need prizes worth fighting for. The larger the prize, the higher the stakes; the higher the stakes, the more rewarding the victory.

Every level of competition, from the Olympics to regional races, uses trophies and awards to motivate talented competitors to participate. Pewter and sterling silver trophies are awarded as some of the highest honors in sports, corporate, and college achievement.

These hand-crafted awards dramatically increase the appeal of a competition to potential talent and push participants to new heights in striving to be the best.


  1. Trophy Styles
  2. Custom Options
  3. Design Your Own Trophy
  4. Sterling vs. Pewter
  5. Foam-Filled Travel Cases
  6. Custom Trophy Examples
  7. Wholesale

Trophy Styles

There are many different styles, ranging from minimalist to ornate, available in all sizes imaginable. Whether you want tasteful, memorable, or unique, there’s a trophy to suit your needs.

A variety of gold, pewter, and sterling silver trophies in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

TR900 Series – Colonial Cup

The Colonial Cup sterling silver trophies feature two ornate handles on either side of a wide bowl. A cherry base adorned with up to four silver engraving plaques creates beautiful contrast, and it also gives plenty of engraving space for a perennial award.

Large sterling silver trophy cups with wood base for corporate awards
TR900 – Colonial Cup XL

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TR620 Series – Trophy Cup

A tall, regal trophy, the 620 Series comes in four different sizes from 8.5 to 14.5 inches tall.

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TR500 Series – Heritage Trophy

The Heritage Trophy features a prominent hourglass top, ample engraving space and long, looping handles. While it makes a great standalone yearly trophy, you can also add a base to make it perpetual. It comes in two sizes for different levels of achievement and is compatible with both pewter and wood bases.

Engravable pewter trophies on wood bases. Can come in sterling silver
The medium and large heritage trophy on square wood bases.

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TR700 Series – Meandros Trophy Cup

With handles styled after the famous Greek design, these trophies come in five different sizes for any level of achievement.

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Apollo Trophy Cup (TR761)

Laurel wreath handles frame this slender trophy in a tribute to the Greek god Apollo. The god of the sun, truth, and prophecy, Apollo wears a crown of laurel wreaths, and the laurel wreath has become a symbol of champions.

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TR800 Series – Loving Cup

The 800 Series Loving Cup is one of our popular classic designs. Its extra height provides a tall vertical engraving area while limiting distortion from the curve of the body.

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TR650 Series – Trophy Bowl

This classic design has wide, spanning handles and a large bowl. The 650 Series usually does not come with a cover, but a base balances it perfectly.

The engraving space on the TR650 Series is much wider than it is tall, so wide artwork will fill out the engraving space nicely.

Engraved Pewter Trophy Bowl

Paul Revere Bowls

Although better known for his role as one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Paul Revere was also a renowned silversmith. His designs are still favorites today for college and corporate awards, and the Revere bowl and pedestal bowl are staples in our collection.

Revere Pedestal Trophy

Award Trays

Trays make brilliant displays to commemorate an occasion. They have a large, flat area to display highly-visible engraving. Optional stands also make it easy to display these in a case or on a desk, or add a hanging mount to display this on a wall or in an office.

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Design Your Own Custom Sterling Silver Trophies

Since trophies come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to even know where to start, and on top of that, the ideas you have in your head might be difficult to implement. We’ve put together some examples that can help you get started, but first let’s look at the anatomy of a trophy.

The Anatomy of a Trophy Cup

The pieces of a trophy
Design Your Own Trophy

1) Trophy Body

The cup part of a trophy is generally referred to as the body. The body can be engraved with a logo or text on the front and/or back. Usually the engraving on the body will be information that doesn’t change like a logo, iconic phrase, or a tournament’s starting year.

2) Cover or Lid

Not all trophies have a cover, but a cover can help theme the trophy to a certain sport or event by using a custom finial.

3) Finial

A standard finial is a small ornate piece that is soldered to the top of the cover. It can be replaced with a variety of custom finials like a soccer ball, horse and jockey, or golfer.

4) Pedestal

The trophy pedestal is the part underneath the body. It is not typically engraved, but it may have ridges or designs that add to the overall look and balance of the trophy.

5) Mounting Bar

A mounting bar is a piece of metal soldered into the pedestal that is used to attach the trophy to a base. If you order a trophy with a base, it will come with a mounting bar. You can also order a trophy with a mounting bar and no base if you would like to mount the trophy on your own base later.

6) Base

Trophy bases attach to the bottom of the trophy and are typically engraved with information that changes yearly or after each competition. The base can be removed for engraving, or in the case of our square wood bases, have the plaques removed for engraving.

7) Double Base

Just like a trophy can be mounted on a base, a trophy with a base can be mounted on another base to expand the space available for more dedications. The second base is larger than the first, and attaches to the first base with a mounting screw.

Custom Trophy Options

Trophies can be customized in a number of ways. Our craftsmen can fulfill almost any custom order, but many unique customizations can be prohibitively expensive. Listed below are some of those options, so you can make your trophy a unique prize for any occasion.

Trophy Bases

Meandros Trophy Loving Cup with Base. Sterling silver or pewter. Customize yours today

A Meandros Trophy Cup (700 series) standing next to its metal base.

Bases are removable and attach to a threaded mounting bar on the cup.

Either a wood or metal base can be added to any trophy to make it larger and more conspicuous. Wood bases come with an engraved plaque, and we can add up to 3 more on request.

We offer both full-metal and wood bases. Wooden bases come with an engravable plaque in either silver or pewter.

round trophy bases in either pewter or sterling silver

Diamond Engraving

All trophies can be engraved with a diamond-tipped stylus. Unlike laser engraving, this gives inscriptions an appearance of hand engraving. We can engrave in print, script, or a font of your choosing. We can also match font styles of existing text to get the same approximate style. To have your custom logo inscribed, send us a high-quality jpeg or png file, and we will add it to your trophy. We provide drafts and artwork of all engraving for you to approve before it goes on the trophy.

Engraving is etched with a diamond-tipped stylus to give a look similar to hand engraving in contrast with laser engraving.

Return the award after the event, and we will inscribe it for you.

Pewter vs. Sterling Silver Trophies

Whether you’re looking for a corporate award to show appreciation for years of service or the perfect prize for a sporting event, the material we use lays the foundation for the statement you make. Our workers have experience crafting trophies in pewter and sterling silver in every size and style. We even work with solid gold for our most affluent clients.

Pewter Trophies

For a bold statement, there’s nothing that compares to a champion holding a massive victory cup aloft, but unless you’re making the Stanley Cup, that size in sterling silver may be prohibitively expensive. Bright-polished pewter displays a similar brilliance as sterling silver, at a fraction of the cost. Pewter holds its shine remarkably well in a display case, without maintenance or polishing.

Sterling Silver Trophies

Sterling silver is the material of choice for some of the most prestigious events in the world including the Superbowl, Stanley Cup, Indianapolis 500, World Series, and many others. These trophies have lasting inherent value and an unmatched tradition that stretches back hundreds of years. A sterling silver trophy can take your competition to the next level by attracting big names to your event and driving fierce competition.

Solid Gold Trophies

Gold is one of the most decadent precious metals in the world, and nothing in the world compares to its prestige as an award. The only solid gold trophy given out yearly in sports is the Kentucky Derby. Our talented craftsmen are capable of producing many of our trophies and gifts in solid gold.

Foam-Filled Travel Cases

If your trophy is for a traveling event or shipped to different locations yearly, it is important to protect them. We offer foam-filled travel cases that can prevent damage during shipping. We custom cut the interior to perfectly fit your trophy and keep it safe on the road.

custom trophy traveling case foam filled

Custom Trophies Examples

Below are some unique trophies that we have made for other customers.

Abbey Street Trophies (TR800, TR625)

We designed these trophies for two golf tournaments. The Abbey Street Invitational trophy is our TR800 cup with a stylized pedestal and custom handles. We added beading to the top and bottom of the trophy along with the custom castings on the front. The raised lettering and golf bags are plated with 24k gold to really bring out the contrast, and engraved on the base is a list of the winners.

Custom Pewter Golf Trophy Cup

The Abbey Street Cup trophy is our TR625 without a cover but otherwise not much modification to the design. We chose an alternative center piece medallion of the crossed golf clubs instead of the golf bags, and as before plated the lettering and the medallion with 24k gold. This is a perpetual cup, so the winners list is engraved on the base.

Custom Pewter Golf Trophy Cup

The Israel Cup Northwest – Golf Trophy Cup (TR800)

This custom pewter trophy cup is a modified version of our 800 Series. It has a specially-made unique pedestal design, different handles, a decorative beaded knurl on the rim and pedestal, a walnut base, and custom engraving.

A custom pewter trophy cup made for the Israel Northwest golf tournament.

Concacaf Trophies

These trophies are twin sets of custom, gold and rose-gold plated trophies.

The Collie Club of America Cup (TR761)

To make the Collie Club trophy, we modified our Apollo Cup with a specially designed medallion, and base. The grey/satin finish is typical of traditional pewter, and it is not as reflective as the typical bright/polished/mirror finish.

Custom pewter trophy with engraving, medallion, and base

Custom Hulk Golf Trophy

A golf tournament started by a group of college friends began with a small trophy given to the winner. As the tournament grew and the friends became successful, they wanted to purchase a more impressive trophy while still capturing the original spirit of the event. We used the original figurine of the hulk swinging a golf club and mounted it as the finial atop their new pewter perpetual cup.

custom golf tournament trophy pewter

Robert T. Morrow Perpetual Cup (TR902B)

Featuring a custom-made bowl, engraving, and a hardwood base, this pewter perpetual cup is a yachting trophy made in memory of Robert T. Morrow. We lengthened the standard Colonial Cup bowl to allow for a larger engraving space.

Custom pewter Perpetual trophy Cup with Engraving

Haskell Invitational Replica

The Haskell Stakes, formerly the Haskell Invitational, is a prominent horse race featuring a one million dollar prize and this stunningly intricate prize. We received a commission to recreate the trophy exactly, and using only pictures and measurements, we designed and built the full-size replica below.

Heritage Perpetual Cup Trophy (TR501B)

The Heritage Perpetual cup has custom engraving on the body of the trophy. The trophy also has a mounting bar in the bottom that allows it to mount to the customer’s own wooden base.

Pewter Heritage Trophy Cup with custom engraving

TR620 Series XL (TR629) in Sterling Silver with Custom Wood Base

Requests for large sterling silver trophies often come with some custom modifications. In this case the client wanted to leave space for years of competition with a custom double base. The trophy sits atop a sterling silver base which is then mounted on a hardwood base with a sterling engraving plaque.

Sterling silver trophy with double base


We offer wholesale options to resellers who buy in bulk..

To apply for a wholesale customer status, please fill out our Wholesale Agreement.

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